Post Operative Instructions for Bone Grafting

SUTURES/STITCHES: Resorbable stitches will be used. They usually dissolve or fall out by themselves in 5-7 days.  

GAUZE: When you wake up there will be a gauze pack placed over the area of surgery in your mouth. The purpose of the gauze pack is to soak up any blood from surgery and to put pressure on the surgery site in order to stop the bleeding.  When you get home take the gauze pack out.

EATING/DRINKING: Do not bite or chew on the bone graft site for 6 weeks. Eat soft foods only for this 6 week time period.

SWELLING: A moderate amount of swelling is expected after most oral surgical procedures. If your bone graft included the use of biologic growth factors it is common to experience severe swelling for the first week. This is normal. Do not ice the area of swelling, this will reduce the blood flow to the area and cause prolonged resolution of swelling.

ORAL HYGIENE: You MUST keep your mouth clean to promote good healing.  Use caution brushing for the first two days. After day two, resume normal brushing. A soft toothbrush used in a gentle fashion is effective. There is no need to brush the bone graft site, as there is no tooth in that area. The cleaner you keep your mouth the better and faster you will heal.

MEDICATION: The most effective method for pain control is a combination of Tylenol and Ibuprofen. A dosing of 500mg Tylenol and 200mg Ibuprofen taken after your procedure, followed by every 4-6 hours is recommended. Pain medications may produce nausea and vomiting if taken on an empty stomach. If you are prescribed a steroid it is designated to help decrease your post-operative swelling. As with any medication, if you experience problems, stop taking them. 

Take prescriptions as needed. Pain medications may produce nausea and vomiting if taken on an empty stomach. As with any medication, if you experience problems stop taking them.

BONE GRAFT SITE: A resorbable membrane may have been placed on top of the bone graft. This membrane acts as a band-aid. Do not be alarmed if it detaches from the site after several days. This is normal. The bone material is in granulated form. Do not be alarmed if you notice some of the granules working their way out of the graft. This is normal.

SLEEPING/RELAXING: It is important to keep your head raised on 2 or 3 pillows. This will prevent any bleeding or swelling.

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