Advanced Technology

At our Juneau location we have the capabilities to take in-office 3D Cone Beam Computerized Tomography scans.

A CBCT provides a 3-dimensional image of the patient’s jaw and sinus. The CBCT scan is an excellent tool in diagnosing and treatment planning the patient’s care. By taking a CBCT the doctor can view bone widths and height, nerves, and any pathology that may be present. This can truly allow for minimal surgical treatment and greater patient comfort.

We practice the principle to minimize radiographic images as much as possible. We apply the ALARA principle “as low as reasonably achievable”. Intraoral x-rays provide necessary information and are extremely low dose. We use digital x-rays that further cut the dose 80 to 90 percent of standard intraoral x-rays. By using digital x-rays we have also eliminated the chemicals used to process film which no doubt is better for our environment.

We use digital intraoral x-rays, digital panograph and a digital 3D cone beam scanner.


In the past, patients would have to journey to the hospital and would receive a CT or Computed Tomography. However, a Cone Beam Computerized Tomography is not the same as a Computed Tomography. The difference lies in how the image is taken. While the both produce the same image, a Computed Tomography will rotate around the patient multiple times to gather the data in “slices”. The CBCT will only rotate once around the patient head taking images that form the one 3D image. A cone beam scanner delivers 40 to 50 percent less radiation than a CT scanner.

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