Gum Grafting

What is Gum Grafting?

In an evaluation for implants or of teeth, the amount of tissue that provides coverage of a tooth or site must be determined. When a root surface of the tooth is exposed or a thin layer of tissue is present around a site, a soft tissue grafting procedure or epithelialized palatal graft may be necessary. This is an autogenous gingival grafting as the tissue is removed from one site on the patient and placed in another site in the same patient. For patient interested in implants, this procedure may need to be done prior to implant placement.

What is a epithelialized palatal graft?

An epithelialized palatal graft is a gingival graft to correct mucoginival defects that are present around a tooth, teeth or site.

During this procedure, tissue will be remove from the site of tissue recession forming a “receiving” site. After the receiving site is formed, tissue is taken from a “donor site”. In this type of grafting, the ”donor” tissue is removed from the palatal of the mouth and is placed onto the ” receiving” site with sutures.  

After the doctor has determine a free gingival graft is necessary, impression for a removable appliance or palatal stent will be taken. This stent provides protection to the palatal donor site and will assist in any postoperative discomfort that may be experienced.  

A gum grafting is generally performed at Dr. Schultz‘s office, under intravenous sedation.

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