Post Operative Instructions for Healing Abutments in Implants

After Dr. Schultz places your healing abutment, this implant will require six weeks of healing before you can get it restored with a crown. There may be several sutures around the implant that will fall out in 5-7 days.

  • Use caution brushing for the first two days. After day two, resume normal brushing and brush implant. It is OK to brush the sutures. It will not hurt them.
  • A soft diet is required for the first several days following surgery. You may start chewing on your implant.
  • Prescriptions are not usually necessary.
  • Notify Dr. Schultz if there is extreme bleeding, swelling, redness, and pain.

Call during business hours if you have any questions at Dr. Charles J Schultz, Southeast Dental Group, PC Phone Number 907-586-9586.

After hours an emergency contact number is found on the office recording.

Dr. Charles Schultz, DDS, OMFS
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