Post Operative Instructions for Sedation

NAUSEA/DROWSINESS:  Dr. Schultz has performed IV sedation in conjuction with oral surgery. Nausea and vomiting are unfortunate side effects of intravenous anesthesia. Prolonged drowsiness can be expected.

EATING/DRINKING: When numbness wears off, it is recommended that your child begins consuming clear liquids then bland foods, and slowly resume normal drinking and eating habits.

SWELLING: A moderate amount of swelling is expected after most dental procedures. Swelling will begin to decrease the third day after procedure.

ORAL HYGIENE: You MUST keep the mouth clean to promote good dental health. Continue to brush and floss twice a day. A soft toothbrush used in a gentle fashion is effective. After brushing and flossing the mouth, it is important that only water is consumed prior to bedtime. Consuming other liquids (juice, milk, etc.) will result in increased tooth decay.

Call during business hours if you have any questions at Dr. Charles J Schultz, Southeast Dental Group, PC Phone Number 907-586-9586.

After hours an emergency contact number if found on the office recording.

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